Mayur Hotels

Terms and Conditions


Guests are requested to refer to the Hotel Tariff Card available with the reception. The tariff is for room charges only. Food and beverages are available in the Restaurant and Room Service.

Extra person in a room will be charged as per tariff card.

Children above 8 years of age are chargeable.

The management reserves the right to alter the room tariff without any prior notice. Current Tariff will be applicable during billing at the hotel.

Location wise Complimentary/Chargeable WIFI internet facility is available in the hotel. Guests/Boarders are requested not to misuse /violate any law in respect to the use of internet facility. Guests will be responsible /liable for any unlawful act & violation of rules in this regard.


All booking/reservations are confirmed from 12.00 Noon or Check In Time 1.00 PM of the booking/reservation date.


The CHECK IN TIME  for guests is 1.OO PM   and CHECK OUT TIME  is 12.00 NOON.  Early Check In is subject to  Availability and on chargeable basis. Check out after 12 Noon is subject to Availability and Chargeable. For Early check in or late checkout it depends on availability and is chargeable with exclusive right's with Management.

Extension of checkout date mentioned during check in or advance booking depends upon availability and management’s decision.


Bills are payable on presentation. Cheques are not accepted. When credit is allowed the Bill must be paid on presentation. Foreign Nationals are required to settle their bill in INR only. Management has the privilege to ask for advance payment against rent and additional facilities to be provided. Unless otherwise stated, no obligation lies with the hotel management to accept Cheques & drafts (Only by Tie-up Company), debit card, credit cards or any other non-cash payment.


Guests’ liabilities account is not waived and guests agree to be held personally liable in the event that any indicated person, group, company or association fails to pay all or part of any charges incurred.


Please check the payment gateway terms. Your Credit card will be charged as 'MAYUR RESORTS PVT LTD' for Mayur Hotel New Delhi and Mayur Assam Hotel New Delhi, as 'Moore & Moore Estate and Finance Pvt. Ltd.' for Mayur Residency Kolkata and as 'Mayur Hotel' for Mayur Hotel Guwahati.


In case of any cancellation or reservation kindly refer to the terms & conditions in cancellation and amendment policy.

Hotel authority has every right to cancel any confirmed booking/reservation in case of any emergency or legal violation.

Any query relating to booking, cancellation, amendment, please send mail at


Children above 8 yrs of age are fully chargeable.


The hotel reserves the right of admission. Accommodation can be denied to guests posing as a 'couple' if suitable proof of identification is not presented at check-in. Hotel will not be responsible for any check-in denied due to the aforesaid reason.

Hotels reserve the right of admission. Unmarried/unrelated couples are not allowed to check-in, guests posing as a Couple if suitable proof of identification is not presented at check-in. Booking accommodation can be denied by the hotel due to the aforesaid reason. No refund would be applicable in case the hotel denies check-in under such circumstances.

Dogs, Cats and other pets, Arms & Fire Articles, Drugs & Intoxicated Drinks are not allowed in the premises.


Visitors should enter their name in the visitors register available at the reception. Visitors are not allowed to remain in the guest’s room after 10 PM and if they desire to stay, their name and other particulars have to be recorded in the Guest Registration Card subject to availability.

In case of lady visitors coming to meet a gentleman guest or vice versa, the guests are requested to transact their business in the lobby during the visit.

In case of a guest wanting to accommodate an extra person of the opposite sex in the same room, it will be at the discretion of the management to accommodate the extra person in the same room /separate room as per availability and is charged accordingly.


Please note that guests are required to enter the correct name, father’s name, present address, and occupation, phone no etc in the Guest Registration Card. This is a statutory requirement as per orders of Government Authorities. As per Government regulations Indian residents are required to present proof of identity at the time of   check-in. The proof of identity can be any of Driving License, Passport, Voter I-Card and ADHAR Card. PAN Card will not be accepted as proof of identity.


Room service is available 24 hours.  ***Conditions Apply


Guests staying away and late night comers Guests are to note that the hotel is open 24 hours.

The hotel has provided 24 Hours CCTV Surveillance in the common and public areas for the safety and security of the guests.

Guests staying out overnight should inform the Front Office in writing only.

Guests intending to come back late at night are requested to inform the Front Office and also to carry the Room Advance Receipt in order to avoid inconvenience. The front office will be in a position to provide proper message to persons who call during their absence.


Guests are particularly requested to lock the door of their rooms when they are going out or when going to bed, and not to leave the room key in the lock.

Valuable belongings for eg. cash, documents, Jewellery's etc*** can be kept in Electronic safe Deposit lockers if available in room or deposit the cash with the Manager of the Hotel against a Safe Deposit Slip( Duly computer generated) and signed. And other valuable belongings can be kept under your custody.  


Only the guest who deposits cash can take the same by producing the receipt. No other person can take even if he is a member of guest’s group. (Authority letters will not be accepted).

The Management will not, in anyway whatsoever, be responsible for any loss/damage to the Guest’s belongings or any other property from either the hotel room or locker or any other part of the hotel for any cause whatsoever including theft or pilferage.

The hotel has provided 24 Hours CCTV Surveillance in the common and public areas for the safety and security of the guests. In case of any Loss/damage/Theft if it is found after investigation that the loss occurred due to the hotel’s negligence then the hotel is liable to pay maximum 3 times of the room rent. This is however not applicable for acts outside hotel’s control, such as tornado, fire, flood, earthquake or armed robbery.


The Guest will be responsible for any loss or damage to hotel property and prejudice suffered by the Hotel which is caused by them, their friends, visitors or any other person for whom they are responsible. The loss or damage to structure, furniture, fittings, equipment, furnishings, and room materials will be covered by this rule. The cost of damage/loss will be recovered from the guest.


We reserve the right to charge guests the cost of replacing any items that are removed from the premises by them without consent. The charge will be the full replacement amount of the missing item, including any carriage charges. Should the fact that the item is missing come to light after the guest has departed, we reserve the right to make a charge to the guests credit / debit card, or send an invoice for the amount to the registered address.


We reserve the right to take action against any guest found to have tampered / interfered with any fire detection equipment throughout the hotel, including detector heads in public areas and bedrooms, break glass points and fire extinguishers. Guests found to have tampered with any fire detection or firefighting equipment will be charged with any costs incurred by the hotel due to their actions and additionally may be asked to leave the hotel. Depending on the severity of the guest actions, the Police may become involved at the hotel’s discretion. Should the fact that fire fighting or detection equipment had been tampered with come to light after the guest has departed, we reserve the right to make a charge to the guests credit / debit card, or send an invoice for the amount to the registered address.


It is the hotel’s policy that all our guests have the right to be treated with dignity and respect and as a responsible host we believe that we have a duty to our guests to protect them from inappropriate behaviour. Should any actions by a guest be deemed inappropriate by the Duty Manager, or if any inappropriate behaviour is brought to the attention of the Duty Manager, the hotel reserves the right, after any allegations have been investigated, to take action against the guest. Depending on the severity of the guest actions, the Police may become involved at the hotel’s discretion, or guests may be asked to leave the hotel.


The management reserves to itself the absolute right of admission to any person in the hotel premises and to request any guest to vacate his or her room at any time without previous notice and without assigning any reason whatsoever and the guest shall be bound to vacate when requested to and in default the Management will be entitled to remove the baggage and belongings of the guest from the room occupied by him or her and lock the room.

The management reserves the right to alter the room tariff without any prior notice. Advance Booking Rate and Actual Rate during stay may vary slightly due to Tax Slab change. Current Rate will be applicable during billing at the hotel. Hotel authority has every right to cancel any booking in case of any emergency or legal violation.


The management reserves to itself the right to add or to alter or amend any of the above terms, conditions and rules.


In case of non-payment/ default in payment of dues by the guest, the management shall be entitled to a lien over the baggage and belongings and retain the same for a period of 14 days from the date of bill and if the due amount is not paid ultimately sell or auction such property at any time after the day 15th of departure without reference to the guest and appropriate the proceeds towards the amount due from the guest. Management also reserves the right to initiate legal action for recovery of full or part of the dues thereof.


Nothing herein above shall constitute or deem to constitute any tenancy or sub-tenancy or any right of tenancy or sub-tenancy or any right or interest in the hotel premises or any part or portion thereon in favour of any guest or visitor and the Company will always deemed to be in full and absolute possession of the hotel premises.


Guests are required to observe the Government rules and regulations in force from time to time in respect of registration, intoxicating/alcoholic drinks, smoking, fire arms etc.


All complaints of the customers should be in writing and addressed to the Manager and should be dropped in the Complain Box only. Complaint against any staff should be brought to the notice of the Management immediately in order to provide better services to our guests.


Guests please note storing of raw or exposed films, firearms, fireworks materials and any combustible material, or any other hazardous material inside the Hotel Premises is strictly prohibited.


Guests please note you are not allowed to consume, carry or possess objectionable materials like intoxicating drinks, drugs or any narcotics in the Hotel premises as it is a violation of Hotel act and the Rules.


Domestic pets & dogs are strictly not allowed inside the hotel premises.


Guests are requested not to disturb or cause inconvenience to other guests/customers eg. by playing music systems, TV at high volume or under the influence of Intoxicating/alcoholic drink or any drugs.


Gambling in any form is strictly prohibited and not permitted inside the hotel premises.


Please inform the nearest police station if you are in possession of fire arms/ ammunition.


Outside food & Non-Vegetarian is strictly prohibited inside the hotel premises.


All vehicles are parked at the owners’ risk. Should a problem occur with a vehicle in the hotel car park, the hotel is not liable. If a vehicle is left in the hotel car park for more than 8 hours after the guest has departed without the written consent of the hotel, the hotel reserves the right to remove the vehicle at the owners’ expense.


Guests are requested not to entrust their clothes for Laundry in the absence of the Housekeeping Boy.


The housekeeping service is available 24 hours***Conditions Apply. Guests are requested not to engage the housekeeping boys to procure any goods, eatables, intoxicating alcoholic drinks from outside the hotel against any tips.


Time Zone applicable for content displayed on the website shall be Indian Standard Time for all purposes unless explicitly mentioned otherwise.

*** Facilities/Services may vary from location to location in regard to plan/complimentary food, payment mode(credit/debit card), extra bed, wifi internet, room service, housekeeping etc. Kindly verify the facilities/services from the appropriate hotel website page or call us.